Beating Old Fashioned Misconceptions Regarding Custom Canvas Prints

November 23rd, 2014

Everyone has a unique vision when it comes to the perfect home. A lot of people choose to invest in all kinds of stylish designs regarding the remodeling process, while others mostly focus on furniture or decorative items. But decorating a home can be just as challenging. There is a very thin line between being stylish and turning your home into a very grotesque kitsch. When it comes to your walls, your options are quite diversified. It is up to you to determine which ones are more appropriate for your theme and decor Canada, but one thing is for sure though – canvas prints work in pretty much any environment.

Canvas prints are great in offices, bedrooms, entryways, living rooms, bathroomw and so on. There are, however, a lot of considerations and misconceptions regarding these things. To some people, they look a little old fashioned. But then, modern technologies used in this industry were not actually used decades ago, so the trend is quite new. For others, canvas prints are nothing but some cheap alternatives to paper prints. They might be cheaper, but this is because they are more cost efficient too. After all, you cannot really install a paper print in an office or your bathroom without expecting it to degrade with time. Paper is fragile, while canvas is not. Therefore, you do not need any solid frames or glass to cover the design.

But then, what are the most appropriate places for canvas prints? More importantly, which are the less usual ideas?

When canvas prints go into bathrooms

You are less likely to install a paper print inside a bathroom for a few different reasons. First, it looks too elegant and traditional to go into a bathroom, especially in a modern one. Second, the moisture and high level of humidity will probably ruin the paper in no time. Even if it is actually covered with glass, chances are moisture will still get around the joints. On the other hand, canvas is different. Obviously, you do not have to shower canvas prints everyday, but the actual moisture inside a bathroom will not affect the appearance. A canvas printing is also a very nice addition to a bathroom, especially since you can opt for a border-less design. Furthermore, it will match any kind of modernist environment.

How about splitting your options?

On a different note, canvas prints provide a lot of different options. Perhaps you are tired of all those classic designs in one piece. How about a split one? How about some panels? You can split a large image into a few different panels, some funky arrangements and interesting ideas. Normally, your options are countless. As long as you got the idea, all you have to do is rely on a canvas printing service and get it done. Unfortunately, you cannot achieve such effects with paper printing. While you can always try, no one will guarantee for such an effect.

Do you need any borders?

Moreover, custom canvas prints might come with or without any borders, depending on your preferences. Borders can be opaque and actually limit the design, especially if there are other decorative elements around. On the other hand, you can also create a beautiful “window” on an empty wall if you leave the design border-less and no other elements clog the space. Such designs can work anywhere and underline a good looking accent of simplicity. They make an even better impression in offices or other similar environments.

In conclusion, canvas prints can go into any kind of room or environment. They might require a little customization though.